Ruled by Magic Series

Owned by Magic

Ruled by Magic Series - book 1

I'll be safe in the prince's bed, from everyone but him.

I stole from a brutal street gang, and now they want me dead. There’s only one place they can’t touch me. The palace. But safety comes at the cost of my freedom. I'll sell myself as a courtesan, serve for five years, and leave with enough money to pay my debt.

Crown Prince Adante wields his power like a knife, and when his gaze turns my way, I know he could destroy me. An innocent mistake earns his attention—along with bruised knees and a painful punishment.

I should listen to the others. I shouldn't catch his eye again. But I've always courted danger, and in the prince, I see a chance at power and revenge. He loves to gamble—sadistic games of pleasure and pain.

All I can wager are my body, mind, and soul. And I play to win.

Owned by Magic is a dark fantasy romance intended for an adult audience.

Ruled by Magic

Ruled by Magic Series - book 2

To earn my freedom, I must submit.

I’m facing years in prison. My crime? Exposing the sordid secrets of Dexia’s magical elite. In my oppressive territory, mages hold all the power, magical tech is outlawed, and sexuality is repressed.

At my sentencing I expect a bored judge, but instead I get a crowd, reporters, and a handsome mage everyone seems to fear. He makes me kneel at his feet, and offers me a deal. Serve six months as his plaything, and leave a free woman. Shame burns through me, but I accept.

He's Leopold Rahl, Dexia's new Lord Commander, the strongest mage in living memory. He's hunted me for months. He means to see me punished.

And I’ve fallen right into his trap.

Ruled by Magic is a dark fantasy romance intended for an adult audience.

Joined by Magic

Ruled by Magic Series - book 3


I'm Prince Adante’s prized possession, his to punish, train and protect. And he’s lost everything except me.

Hiding in a strange country, he’s plotting revenge. But I get a taste of freedom, and an offer that seems too good to be true. When I discover a hidden underworld, the chance for a new life opens up, but there's a downside.

The prince isn't part of the deal.


I'm Leo's good girl. His beautiful toy. And I'm hopelessly in love with my former captor.

Fighting for a place in a society that doesn't want me, I walk a tightrope between obedience and a life of my own.

A reckless gamble leads me into danger and rips away the last shreds of my old life. I’m caught between two countries, and a target in both.

Who can I trust when every ally holds a knife behind their back?