To Collar a Queen

She stole my right to rule beside her, as her king. Now I hold her leash.

Queen Johanna. Beautiful, brave and loved by all the nation - except me. For six long months I’ve dreamed of punishing her for breaking our engagement.

Now, like a gift from the Goddess, a rider arrives with news. Johanna has turned. She’s no longer human but a fae creature of dark magic. A changeling, doomed to be hunted, collared and sold. And she belongs to me.

I own the institute that turns wild fae captives into obedient playthings. Everyone clamors to buy Valentia's most valuable slave, and my little queen shows signs of dangerous power. My growing obsession threatens everything I've spent years building.

If you like HD Carlton, Liv Zander and Jennifer Armentrout, you’ll love To Collar a Queen, a smoking hot dark fantasy romance!

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